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how to commission

  1. Please read the policies page before commissioning me. By commissioning me you agree to the terms of service. I currently only do traditional artworks which are reflected in the price, you will receive the physical copy too.

  2. Please look through my gallery, instagram and the concept examples below to understand what I am capable of and how much it potentially could cost. Final price may vary.

  3. You can message me via instagram, discord or email with your request using the below concept questions as guidance.

  4. If you are happy with the quoted price and timeframe, I will proceed to draw a concept sketch.

  5. Once you approve of the sketch I will require full payment + postage before colouring.

  6. Once completed, I will ship you the original copy to your address.

concept questions

You can use the below questions and points to help me figure out what you would like me to do and the cost.

  • Background? What Style? (galaxy, night sky, flowers, simple colours etc.)

  • Fanart? Which character?

  • Pose? Hands?

  • What size? A6, A5, A4 or A3 are available.

  • Do you have references to share? (Poses, BG etc.)

  • Standard or Nebula Style? (Standard is on 200gsm paper, Nebula is on 70gsm paper which is thinner but the colouring will look more watercolour).

  • Extra elements? Props?

  • Any other important information or wishes?


  • The below prices are starting points and depending on complexity and elements added the price will increase.

  • Your quote will come with a breakdown of the costs for each element.

  • Larger sizes are available but price will be determined after the concept is discussed.

  • Extra characters are roughly 50% extra of the starting price.

  • A4 starting prices:

    • headshot = 120 GBP

    • bust up = 140 GBP

    • half body = 160 GBP

    • full body = 180 GBP

    • fore/background = from 20 GBP

  • A5 starting prices:

    • headshot = 80 GBP

    • bust up = 95 GBP

    • half body = 110 GBP

    • full body = 125 GBP

    • fore/background = from 15 GBP

  • A6 starting prices:

    • headshot = 40 GBP

    • bust Up = 50 GBP

    • half body = 60 GBP

    • full body = 70 GBP

    • fore/background = from 10 GBP


  • Twitch subscribers for more than 6 months receive a 10% discount and free postage on commissions.

concept examples

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